My Approach

Acknowledging that each client is unique, with their own unique problems and personalities, I draw on a number of therapeutic approaches in my work. While my primary approach is psychodynamic (relational, insight-oriented), I also use cognitive-behavioural, solution focused, narrative, feminist theory and family systems as ways to meet the diverse needs and goals of clients. 


Having trained in art therapy I also value the transpersonal nature of art therapy and may ask clients to use creative expression to access the unconscious.  For some clients, working in metaphor is often emotionally safer than confronting a situation in a literal way.


The original meaning of the word 'psychotherapy' comes from Greek, meaning 'healing of the soul'. As a spiritually oriented therapist I am attuned to matters of the soul as they present themselves in therapy. To be human is to know times of joy and suffering. My special training and interest in spirituality allows me to walk with clients in a meaningful way as they try to create meaning from difficult and challenging life experiences. 

While recognizing that treatment methods are vital contributors to successful therapy, research shows that the therapeutic

relationship is the cornerstone of its success. While working collaboratively with my clients, I offer warmth, understanding and

affirmation. It is important while you share your thoughts, feelings and struggles, that you feel heard and valued. In a supportive, non-judgmental space you can explore the personal experiences that are holding you back from living the happy and meaningful life you desire.